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When could be the 'last goodbye'?


          I have done many Medium readings when the client reports that he or she  

had experienced a "sudden death" in the family.  It can be a son, daughter, husband, wife, significant other, mother, mother-in-law, son-in-law, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or best friend.  I met a mother who was in her seventies recalling how she had allowed her youngest child to go to a store with her older children, assigning one of the children to be in charge of the youngest.

          The children had to cross a railroad track.  The sad tale is what you have already imagined.  The little girl assigned to the youngest girl did not follow the instructions of her mother but rather tried to catch up with her older siblings by simply looking back at her little sister and telling her to "hurry up!"  The sweet little innocent soul got caught on the stair step of the train as the engine missed her.  Of course we know who was to blame for the tragedy. I would imagine the sibling assigned to the little girl took the "hit" for her sister's demise.  

          So how do we prepare for "sudden death"?  Always send your loved ones off with "love in their hearts".  It does not matter what age or when you spoke to them last.  It can be the last phone call or dropping of your child with the other parent or visiting a friend.  

          Remember that when you say "good  bye" it can always be the last time.  I don't want to sound morbid or sad but make the visit a happy one with a positive good bye at the time.  Even though disagreements may prevail between you and the person depending on age and the relationship you have.  ‚ÄčLife is a gift and it can be snatched away from right under you.