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St. Cloud, MN

Valerie has been a Medium since she was visited by a past on spirit while attending a graveside funeral with her husband in 2003.  The spirit of a mere child who had died at the very tender age of four years old spoke to her directly, giving her a message to pass on to her parents.  This very important message was then given to the child's parents.  Since that moment, Val would communicate with the dead. She has brought peaceful messages from the deceased to many parents, husbands, wives, and children of the deceased. She has a SPECIAL interest in working with survivors who feel their relative or friend was a victim of suicide or crime.  She also gives Personal Readings and Card Readings in her home.  If you want a personal touch to your reading, Val will provide the truth to you.  She can see, feel, hear, touch and smell on a spiritual level.

She will teach you how to interpret messages you are already receiving from the dead. Life is a gift and you never know when it will be taken away.  She will explain timely deaths from untimely deaths.  You may cry at your session and that is good.  When you leave her, you will know how to talk to the dead yourself.  You see, they are not really dead from us because their spirit is very much alive.  You just need to learn how to communicate with them and listen to what they say to you in the stillness of the moment.

Remember God loves you in your most desperate hours of loss and despair. Look up into the clouds and look for cloud formations of your "loved ones" face.  Notice birds who suddenly appear by your window.  Watch for greeting cards from your loved one which strangely fall out of your drawer.  When you start thinking of your "loved one" and you shed a tear, they are near. Remember, your loved one has not gone far but has just gone on ahead.

In your sleep, pay attention to your dreams, passed on loved ones like to show themselves in a dream.  They will appear, younger, glowing, and may even leave you with their own essence of love just like when they were alive on this earth. They seem to visit in a dream you may have on special occasions that were important to you or them.  Pay attention and believe what I say for I have experienced all of these things.  When you see a ray of white light that comes into your window, note that it is not the sun but a ray of light from a place beyond our wildest dreams.  Talk to them when you see this light.  Call out their name or names.


All you need to do is be aware and lastly believe that what I say to you is true. Until we meet in person my friend, hang in there and know what I reveal to you will be them and only them.  Your grief will diminish and your own inner spirit of peace will overwhelm you, my friend.

Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Coaching, Card Reader, Reiki Healing

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