Valerie now does Reiki Healing therapy!  She has been certified for quite some time.  Just what is it and how does it work to benefit me?  Reiki is a heat therapy relating to healing energy for the body.  It works through the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner's palm to the client.  The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words, “Rei, " meaning universal and Ki,” meaning life energy. Reiki is a type of energy healing.  It is known to release energy blocks in a body which were formed from trauma, injury and or emotional pain.  The energy of Reiki removes blockages similar to acupuncture or acupressure.  This enables relaxation, relieves pain, speeds healing and reduces the symptoms of illness.  Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui Ryoko in 1922.  It is referred to as “hands on healing”.  Before Mikao’s death, he passed the hands on healing energy to Mrs. Jakarta you continued and grew his practice of this unique spiritual healing for the human body and mind.  It can also be used to treat animals for physical or emotional trauma.  

What can I expect during a Reiki treatment?  Reiki patients are fully clothed.  The client will lay on a massage bed in a resting position with their face upward in a dimly lit room with peaceful, tranquil music playing.  

The practitioner will lay their hands over different parts of the body as she sits on a chair behind the head of the client.  Then she will move her hands which are faced downward over the eyes and hold them there for five minutes which will allow a gentle heat to penetrate into the closed eyes of the client.  From there she will move each hand to cover each ear for five minutes. Her hands will hover above your throat for two minutes.  In the next position, she will move her hands together under the head for five minutes.  From there her hands will be placed under the client's neck base or upper back.  What can you expect from this?  You will feel a warm and soft penetrating heat which relaxes you wherever she places her hands.  From there her hands will be brought to the top of your body.  She will now stand to your side and place her hands over your heart area, your stomach, and to your feet.  For a full Reiki heat treatment, she will have the client lay on their stomach with your face in the massage cradle and work the same areas from this side. These areas will all connect from the front of your body to the back of your body during a full Reiki heat therapy session.  You may even fall asleep!  This unique heat will then penetrate from your front side to your back and from your back to the front.  The energy pockets or areas where her hands have been placed are called chakras.  If you can imagine an ice cream cone shape with the ice cream on your front side with heat penetrating to the cone side on your back; this is what happens. The heat from your healer's hands will penetrate through each separate chakra or area to give you the most relaxing experience!  The result is amazing.  You will be totally relaxed and clients have reported feeling soothed for up to a week!  What does Reiki healing do for a client?

  • centering your energy field
  • clearing bad toxic energy
  • beaming, connecting to your DNA 
  • extracting harmful energies
  • infusing, putting in good positive energy
  • soothing sore spots and wounds

Reiki relies on no other instruments other than the practitioner. Reiki can be sent to an individual from a distance.  This is called “distance healing”.

Make your Reiki therapy appointment today and experience something you have never imagined before!


What is Reiki therapy?