Definitions of the Spiritual Gifts which Valerie possesses are: 

  • Clairvoyant which means: clear seeing

  • Clairaudiencent; clear hearing

  • Clairsentient; clear sensing

  • Small healings--have occurred by using Reiki Energy. A facial mole disappeared!

  • Out of body Experience; OBE; Past Lives have been revealed. Valerie has seen past, present, and future situations in a "movie screen" type scenario with or without audio in a dream state.

  • Telepathic; She has received messages from another person's mind without speech on several occasions.

  • ESP (Extra Sensory Perception): Seeing a situation before knowing the facts

  • Precognition; Knowing a situation will happen before it actually occurs.

  • NDE (Near Death Experiences): See blog for entries!

  • Psychometry--Seeing or touching objects or pictures and connecting them to situations.

  • Visions:  For example; see blog.  Seeing a familiar face in a cloud formation of someone who has just died without knowing of the death.
    ​Clairvoyance and Clairsentience of her dog which had passed on.
    Valerie has the knowledge and education to speak or teach about some Native American Beliefs

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  • BA Social Work

  • Hands on training with Native American Medicine Mentors

  • Hands on training with various unique healers

  • License in Social Work

  • Certified Divorce & Child Custody Mediator

  • Manager Cosmetologist

  • Esthetician

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

  • Reiki Healer

  • Swedish Massage Therapist

  • CS1 (CranioSacral 10 step Hands on Technique Therapy: 1) 

About Val

What can Val do for you?

          Val will be the means for you to contact your loved one who has passed on to the next place from earth.  You will be able to speak to the person by asking direct questions and you will be able to receive answers.   The session will be like a conversation between two people; you and your passed on loved one through Val, who will be your interpreter.  You may experience a familiar feeling, smell, or some message may be given to you which only you will know about or remember.

          Why should I choose Val over other people who do the same thing?  Val will not relay to you anything which is not given to her.  She acts only as your interpreter.  She can help you understand the spirit realm.  She will explain to you the spirit realm as she has witnessed it in dream-like visions.

          You do not need to be afraid!  You may have closure to this earthly death of your friend, relative or enemy.  However, I strongly suggest to simply leave the last mentioned alone.

          Why is Val different than other Mediums?  First of all, she did not ask for this unusual gift.  She did not study to do this work, however, this spiritual gift was given to her by God unexpectedly (read blog on cemetery incident).  She is an open-minded Christian person who believes that we are here on this earth to learn lessons and to worship the God that created our universe.  She looks forward to being with Him in heaven after her work on this earth is complete.

          Why is Val different than other Mediums?  She will only relay to you what she actually sees, hears, or feels from your passed-on loved one.

          Her concentration is about helping you to be at peace about the timely or untimely death of your loved one.  Unanswered questions which you could not ask this person on earth may be asked now since they are protected in their heavenly realm.    

(320) 267-4218