I accept major credit cards, cash, or cashier's checks for all services. I do not accept American Express or Pay Pal. All appointments require a prepaid, non-refundable deposit.

If you are unable to make your appointment another time slot will be offered. By booking online you accept all terms and conditions:


Cost for Group Sessions

$120 per hour or $1 per minute/client
$35 minimum for each person 
$35 introduction fee
$1 per minute charge for group education or questions before/after the reading.

Travel expenses apply for me to travel, up to 1.5 hours from St. Cloud, MN, to your location.

We will discuss your intention and the best rate to suit the needs of your party. Contact me for details!

Groups & Parties

How to Prepare for your Appointment

Group Session/Party

Group readings are available for your bachelorette party, bridal shower,

girls' weekend, birthday party, and more! At your location.

Family Memorial Readings

Gather friends and family to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. 3-hour maximum. At your location.

Please contact me to arrange a group session or family memorial reading.

Psychic ​Services

Please call for more information or to book over the phone. You may use the module below for instant, secure online booking. You may call for exceptions if you don't see your desired appointment day or time.



When you take the step to visit the spiritual realm with a Medium, there are several easy instructions I can give you to prepare for your session.

1. If you have more than one “passed on” person whom you want to visit with but you cannot decide which person should be first; talk to the first person who comes to mind. Prepare for your “Medium” reading by sitting in a quiet place alone where you can think and actually write down questions you want to ask that person.

2. You may come to your session with small personal items which were significant to you or the deceased person.

3. If you wear a particular piece of jewelry every day, please bring it to your session.

4. Depending on your relationship you had with a person will help determine the emotional clearing which will take place.

5. A mantra for your session to soothe your nerves would be; “ Nothing to fear here.”

6. You will leave feeling better knowing your “loved one” is alive but in a different spiritual form and place.

7. You will learn how to connect to your “deceased loved one” at home or in a serene place anywhere.

8. You will be informed should your “loved one” not want to connect.

9. You may cry and that is all good.

10. You will tell your friends and family that you connected to this person and they may not believe you but that will be okay with you. You will know you have connected to your friend or family member after I describe how they looked or their demeanor along with other details.