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          Besides being the 10th month of the year, October is known for many things and holidays.  Calendar dates to remember are Columbus Day being the second Monday of October and Yom Kippur on September 29.  I bet you did not know that this month is noted for being National Cookie, Chili, Pizza, and Desert month!

          The birth stones associated with October are the tourmaline and opal.  If you were born between September 23 and Oct 22 you are a Libra.  You are a Scorpio if your birth occurred between October 23 and Nov 21.  The birth flower for October is the “Calendula”.

          Special dates in October are:

     Oct. 4, 1957  ~  The 1st artificial satellite was launched by the Soviet Union.

     Oct. 5, 1947  ~  The first presidential telecast from the White House by Harry Truman.

     Oct. 7, 1816  ~ The “Washington” being the 1st double-decked steamboat arrived in New Orleans.


     Oct. 12, 1492 ~ Christopher Columbus landed in America.

     Oct. 18, 1867 ~ The U. S. flag was raised over Alaska.

     Oct. 22, 1836 ~ Sam Houston was elected the first president of the Republic of TX.

     Oct. 31, 1864 ~ Nevada became the 36th State of the U. S..

     Oct. 31 (Halloween) ~ All Saints Eve, for remembering the dead, began about 2,000 years ago in Ireland by the Celtics.                                                     


     *Please note: On 10/13/17 (Friday, the 13TH!!!), I will be publishing a special Halloween post for you!

What is the month of October known for?  ​