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Do the deceased visit us?

          Many clients talk to me about strange happenings in their home, car, or a different
formation they see in the clouds after their husband, wife, child, dad, mother, father or
close friend dies. They try to smooth it over at first like they don't want to sound crazy
but their curiosity makes them ask me the question. My friend lost her boyfriend a couple
weeks ago. I heard her talk about each phase of it. It started with her finding him laying
by his truck as she arrived at his home. There it went to her transporting him in her car to
the local hospital. The next I heard was he was in critical condition and he had an oxygen
mask on his face. His children were called in to say “Good Bye” from three hours away
but his own twin brother, who was a local resident could not get himself to witness his
brother's passing. I will call the man Jim. He died exactly twenty-three hours from the
time he entered the hospital.
          Jim did most of his suffering at home. He was a daily smoker and drinker who
did not want to risk the chance of visiting a doctor with liquor on his breath and his biggest
fear was to have his driver's license suspended. Instead he died. He was not an
ignorant man but one who did not believe in doctors or medicine for fear that they would
take his freedom away by removing his drivers license.
          Jim made a conscious choice to die in a certain fashion. His kidneys had shut
down, and he had pneumonia. He had also had a stroke six months earlier and thus lost the
use of his left arm. Sally, his girlfriend tried relentlessly to get him to the local ER.
Towards the end of his life, he could no longer care for his beloved dog. Sally brought
Max to her home for the last three weeks. She was completely absorbed with her job, Max
the dog and caring for Jim from a distance. He had slept away most of his last two weeks
on earth, alone in his own place.
          I watched Sally go through each phase of this procedure. I heard her words and
witnessed the strong emotional support she held onto for her friend. Jim had been in the
dying phase for quite sometime.
          After he passed and the funeral had past by two weeks, she announced to me that
she was going to his grave once again. This time she brought one single red rose with her
on this visit. When she got home she heard a strange tap on the outside of her living room
window. The next night it happened again, and again and again. Finally I said, “Sally you
don't have to go to his grave to visit him hours away!” “He is visiting you!”
Then she started seeing Jim's face in a cloud formation! Now she was a believer!
          HOW MANY OF US ARE BELIEVER'S? “Believe and you will receive!”