Well, the word “Integrity” is not a disease and you cannot catch it from anyone.

Webster's dictionary says it is a noun. That means it is a person, place or thing. It means honesty, sincerity, and completeness and is an unimpaired condition. It should and can be taught to children by their parents. It is what we want to be made of. We want to be a good person because that is what God intended for us and so does society. Life's energy will then circle around us smoothly in a path we eventually adopt to follow.

As we learn and grow into an adult by taking on more mature attitudes and behaviors we find it is easier to be good rather than bad because there are less consequences for us and we want to be liked and cared about as a human being. So when we want to date a person, we want to know if the new individual has integrity. We want to find a person who has this trait. They must be honest and caring; not lazy or manipulative, relatively intelligent to maintain a good job and somewhat educated. What level of education one needs varies from job to job. We want to know that they will not leave us physically or emotionally, and will be able to bring out the good in each of us.

We desire this since we have been taught this is how it should be. With the divorce rate being 1 out of 2 couples. Either the mate changed or we just did not know the person well enough to make our own judgment call about the individual. Nobody wants to be divorced but hey, it happens.


Let's look for those people who display integrity! That makes logical sense. We all want to be treated well and all the time. Don't settle for moodiness or uncertainty in a person. If you find yourself living around your mate and not with your mate; check out counseling to see what is going on with your partner. We never really know another individual all of the time. It is not our job to fix them if they are broken. Support and acknowledge good behavior like you do your pet. Extinguish unexceptionable or explainable attitudes or actions. Love as you are loved.

Integrity: What is it and how do I get it?