Clients have come to me to talk about their friends and family members, who have died either recently or long ago. They ask me to be a Medium, a person who has the gift of bridging people from the deceased world into the ever-present world. Others come to me asking what they should do with their personal situations. I connect to “spirit” in order to do that for them. Sometimes I connect to the higher self of another individual who is still alive for them to be able to seek resolution for things out of their control. It all depends on what kind of positive outcome we want to get with the help of the spiritual realm. I work with only God energy, nothing else. I think similar to the famous Teresa Caputo but I am not plagued with hearing spirits all day as she is. In spirit, we never get what we are not in agreement to do as far as spiritual gifts are concerned.

I like to tell people to use their own conscience to determine what is right or wrong for them within the guidelines of civil, county, state, federal laws and human rights decisions. I am not their counselor but also do direct people to professionals who can help them with personal, family counseling or legal help. So I am resourceful besides being a Medium, Psychic, and Paranormal adviser.

If one door closes for us because of a negative action we committed this does not necessarily mean that another positive door cannot open for us. First, we must take responsibility for the negative action we have committed in hurting someone else. After we have done this we need to ask for forgiveness of that person and thus deal with our own guilt we have brought upon our self. All of these steps are very hard to do. We have all heard the saying, “Let your conscience be your guide!” Most of us are keenly aware of our conscience because we have been brought up by our families, society, and religions to have one. We also innately have an inner voice which is the natural conscience we are born with. I say start listening to that “inner voice” which is a soft gentle good spirit within your mind who reminds you to lock your house before you leave or check the electric blanket on your daughter's bed before you leave. We are all assigned “spirit guides” at birth whether you want to believe me or not. Each person has a different number of them either female or male. These guides are not “passed on” relatives or friends. They are heavenly beings of some sort who have the job of helping you along on this earth. A Guardian angel is a bit different. That particular angel is assigned to you too in a singular form and has the power to give you strength and healing when you are sick, save you from despair, prevent any accident or lessen the blow of a bad one. Isn't it nice to be aware you have that comfort and protection?

Tune in my friend and become aware of your spiritual helpers who work so hard to get your attention.

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide