How often do you find yourself saying, “Well I should have done that earlier.” or “If I had done this earlier this would not have happened.” We all make mistakes. It is called, “weighing the odds”. We weigh the odds of something happening or not. An example would be, “I'll wait to put in the new furnace but it could quit running right in the middle of winter.” or “Maybe I should wait until the kids are out of school before going back to work, even though we really need the extra money”.

Both of these decisions are important but they are not the ones that I call the “biggies”. A big one would be who you marry. On the flip side of marriage, you might have to decide to end a relationship or marriage. Are you ready for a career move to another city, state or country which involves selling a house, moving your spouse and children away from family and friends? Medical decisions can be tough such as having to choose to take your mother, father, sister or brother off of life support. Decisions about the afterlife can be discerning too. Should I be cremated or buried?

We make happy decisions and sad decisions. Sometimes we don't make any
decision which really means you have made one by staying right where you are even if
things move on and you don't. Decisions can traumatize you to a degree of palatalization
of which you are too scared to move. Happy light warmhearted decisions would be buying
the house you want, or obtaining the adopted child you waited for, or your wedding day
which turned out just perfect. Some decisions go from said ones right into happy. For
example, you have made the decision to “put the family dog down” and weeks later you
decide that a certain puppy caught your eye to purchase.

We make both “head decisions” and “heart decisions”. Sometimes they conflict. You may decide to end a love relationship that you really want but your heart emotionally hurts and it hurts really bad. Yes, this has been proven that the heart actually feels pain and signals the brain whereas in the past we thought the brain had to signal to the heart first. From the first time, you sat in your high chair and mom let you pick which juice box you wanted, you have been making decisions that suited your taste and needs.

My advice to you is this. Think of one of your choices. Feel how your body reacts. Does your stomach get queasy and sick feeling? Is your heart starting to palpitate faster? Are you getting angry or scared? On the flip side. Does your heart feel young and gay? Can you picture a positive outcome for yourself? Does a peacefulness come over you? That is the right decision then! If you need help making those decisions, make your appointment to visit me at Inner Intuition. Learn how to use your own intuitive ability!

Making the Right Decision