Medium Readings For Your Pet 

Yes, there is a special place in heaven for your pet. They go over the rainbow bridge into pet heaven.  I tried to locate one of my dogs by site as I slept and eventually saw her running to me over a hill in my sleep.  She ran a long way toward me as I called out to her in my dream state.  Please do not believe the old teaching that they are not human and don’t go to heaven!  Now I understand why mediums and psychics have some negative connotation to their name and that is because we see the actual situation and don’t have to make it up to satisfy hungry adults in search of their family members or pets who have passed.

    When I do a pet reading, I call in the pets name and identify them by the owners name as well. The medium reading for a pet is much like that of a person except the pet is not talking with words so I communicate with them in a supernatural knowing manner that I have.  For instance the owner of the pet asks me where their dog hurt and what month it started and for how long.  I can visualize the pet without seeing any photo and go to the part of the dog which was in pain.  I can ask the months he/she suffered by dowsing and ask the spirit of the dog if it suffered for one, two, three months… and can tell you the month in the calendar year the pain began.  I can see the dissatisfaction of the dog when the owner was angry at her for not eating all of the special food that was prepared for the pet but the pet knew it was her time to shut down and go over the rainbow bridge.

When my significant other passed away, our dog quit eating.  She laid lethargically in her house kennel very depressed. She refused to eat or drink. My friend tried to cheer her up with new toys but to no avail.  It was not until my deceased significant other came from heaven to our dog to tell her that it was not her time to go to the rainbow bridge.  Sadie then began to eat and drink, accepting the words and visit from my significant other.

When Sadie did pass as I sobbed  in my car, I called out to my deceased girlfriend who had tried to make Sadie happy with new toys and treats and to my former mate to “Take her”.  In response I heard my girlfriend say.

“We got her!”  Relieved, I knew she was not alone but in the hands of the man you had to visit her and tell her that it was not yet her time to go with him. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a reading with your pet. You will rest assured they are safe and cared for.