Our Gift for Christmas

Christians of the world celebrate Christmas being the biggest holiday of the year with the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We go through the life of the Christ child who lives within us as he grows from a baby into a youngster, then a boy, to a young adult and then into a man who died on a cross. His mother named Mary was impregnated by God himself and was spoken to by an Angel who informed her that she would carry the son of God even though she was married to Joseph. That is quite a history account for our children and their children to conceive. We have learned to believe in miracles because what I have just described is just that: a miracle!

I don't often talk about Christianity because so many good people are not Christians, but yet believe in God and all of his goodness. Today is different because it is Christmas of which I speak. It is a time to reflect on our inner core and take count of where we stand in our beliefs. Wanting to be a good person and living in an honest, sincere way who wants only the best for himself and others is what I speak of. It isn't easy to “turn the other cheek” when being harassed or cursed. When people have treated you poorly, unfairly, or even tried to kill you or have tried to drive you insane, we ask our-self, “How can we move on and forgive that person?”. Well, when you can honestly say you have found that answer please call me and tell me how to do that!

I just want to say “thank you” to Jesus Christ for giving me a lot of space to grow and learn. I have not been an easy person to deal with all of my life. So many times my life has been spared from car accidents or protected from being raped, drowned, or living in an unhealthy abusive environment. I know that Jesus knew me personally all along. That is what I wish for you too. If you are a Christian, be one. We live in a world of uncertainty. We have always worried about our safety for ourselves and our family.  Now we have expanded our worries to staying alive on vacation or in a war zoned region of the world. In a world of uncertainty, we can be certain that the same Christ child is alive today and knows each one of us individually. What could be more unique than that?

Whatever you do or if you formally worship at all, let it be peaceful and reflect on your inner core as a human being. If you are fortunate enough to have family and friends to celebrate with for this special holiday, let it be of good cheer and health for all of you. Merry Christmas!