Our new adventure as foster parents to a Golden Retriever has taken on many strides. We have accomplished the journey of first of all finding a lab who looked and behaved much like our deceased lab, also named Sadie. It all began one evening last March when I happened to spot this particular dog on the Tri-County Humane Society's web page. There she sat looking at the iPhone to take her picture. She was in rough shape.

With a high penetration of heartworms, and being concentrated with Lyme disease, needless to say being picked up as a stray in Mille Lac's county there she sat for the routine picture. Her belly hung down from having who knows how many litters of puppies. After serving her former owners as a slave to make them money by breeding pups, they let her run full of sickness. If I wanted to do anything, it would have been to hunt down these sick, crazy people who mistreated this spiritual animal.

Their loss was our gain. My recovery from grief was slow dating back to “putting down” my former lab who had resided with me for seven years. Sadie II was being treated with prednisone and doxycycline. She was constantly hungry. She went from 89 pounds to 120. The vet at Tri-County gave me a lecture on weight gain and how it affects the hips of a dog. We wanted her to feel that this was home. My bonding to Sadie II went slow. I was still grieving over the loss of Sadie. I kept comparing the two. That was ridiculous since I had not created a new history with our rescue dog. Since Sadie was abused, she went through many nights of “soul weeping” when she slept. She would cry in her sleep.

As a psychic, I tried to get into her head to understand. All I knew is that she was devastated more times than once. She had been asked to come to the previous owner and then hit on the head. She had been hungry and not fed. She was used to breeding puppies and then they would disappear. I understood “soul weeping” because I had experienced it myself. It is when your soul is saddened so deeply but you do not yet know what it is. It has not been brought out into the light for you to see it. "It is a spiritual term", a Catholic priest once explained to me. When Sadie would weep in the night, I would say, “It's okay Sadie girl, Mom is here.” After nine months this weeping lessened. We were relieved.

Sadie II has one tag on her collar. Sadie (I) had many tags on her collar. On occasion, we would hear a dog collar shaking at the front door of our house. This would occur when Sadie (I) would want to go outside. Spiritually both of us would hear our physically dead but spiritually very much alive dog shake her collar. On two occasions we had visually seen our Sadie (I) go to and fro into the second bedroom when Mike was ill. It was totally miraculous! Now I wonder what Sadie II, our rescue dog thought of seeing our deceased Sadie (I) shake her collar at our front door?

So if you ever ask me if passed on human spirits visit us, the answer is YES. If you ask me if passed on animal spirits visit us, the answer is YES. We invite in those of whom were friends, relatives, significant others, and pets! Do uninvited spirits visit us? They can if they think they have an issue with us. Can people that are alive on this earth visit us? Yes, by soul travel or in a dream we have. The spiritual world is unique once you begin to understand the depths and realms of what it all entails. We are glad that Sadie was destined to live with us to heal and for us to heal from her as well.


Sadie, Our 'Rescue Dog' is Adopted