It was not long ago that I had asked God to give me a new gift.  Not a material gift but a spiritual one. I kind of get nervous to see just what He will give me!  For those of you who do not understand the spiritual realm, this information will puzzle you and go right over your head.  For those of you who understand what I mean by spiritual realm, you may want to listen intently to my most recent experience.

Three nights ago in my dream state of sleep, my soul went on a spiritual journey to another realm.  I have visited other lifetimes before but this was completely unique and very different than what I expected.  I have been visited by passed on loved ones in my dream state with various people and at different times.  Usually, this occurs around Christmas time and the person comes to me in a dream.  In the dream, the person may be sitting at my dinner table with other family members who are alive on this earth.  For instance last year my deceased father of twenty-three years appeared as his jovial self and appeared at the head of my long dinner table with my son and his wife. I was the observer.  However, my past on dog also named Sadie was standing at the other end of the table.  The dog had died in June.  The dream occurred a week before Christmas.  My son's wife is attractive is always made up nicely.  In the dream, she was wearing a light, bright shade of pink lipstick! The rest of the dream was in black and white!  My deceased father was visible from his chest up and was happily in attendance at the table with my son and his wife who sat across from him.  This was my Christmas gift from dad.  Do you know 'why'?  I could feel my father's love as he sat with us around the kitchen table!  It is a very strong emotion, much stronger than what we feel on this earth!

So let me get to the “guts” of this story.  About four years ago a dear friend died. His name was Kenny.  He was like a 'father figure' to me.  His wife, Shirley was like a 'mother' to me even though she had her own children.  One very cold December day we got word that Kenny's lung cancer had taken his life.  It was just days prior to this dream he was in that I thought how terrible of me it was that I did not go to his funeral.  The day of his funeral, the cold temperatures were -20 below zero and was taking place several hours away from my town.  Two years after he died and also in the middle of December, his dear wife Shirley passed away.  I did go to her funeral and now knew what it felt like to lose a “mother”.  Both were buried together at a military cemetery.

In my dream state about three nights ago, I visited Kenny in heaven.  It sounds completely preposterous I think.  Well, I did.  There I found myself chatting away in deep conversation for a good long visit.  It was depicted that he was living at a five-story complex with others and he appeared radiant and talkative so we laughed and enjoyed our visit for quite some time. We also left this place and went into the city which looked totally new to me.  I had never been there before and it was all foreign to me.

I asked him, “Kenny, How do I get back home?”  I looked around sort of nervously for a split second.  Well,  Kenny had retired from working on the railroad with a good pension.  I then saw myself enter an invisible train.  It had the perimeter of walls and three cars.  As I sat in the second train car with invisible walls, I was whisked backward in a split second.  I then found myself hearing my significant other cough loudly in our bed!

I took with me a super strong 'heart connection of love' that two people have for one another as a good friend, mate, or close connection.   I did not want that feeling to leave.  As I woke up, I shared my spiritual travel experience with my mate.  It is really a miracle to have a mate who is spiritually gifted as I.  As you ponder over this story, remember to be mindful of what you ask for. God hears your requests.

Soul Travel to Heaven