Just imagine you have a sixteen-year-old son who goes for a walk along the ocean near your home village in England.  He is kidnapped by pirates and is taken captive to Ireland to herd sheep and become a slave.  This is what happened to this young man.  As he herds sheep he prays continually to

God thus becoming very close to Him.  He had no interest in becoming a deacon or a priest as was his father and grandfather.  

During his long enslavement, he is directed through a dream from God to once again return to the water where he would find a group of sailors. He was to ask them if he could join their boat and return back to England.  He follows the voice and meets the crew who will then take him back to England by boat. United now with his original family, they share in the love of each other but yet he is once again told in a dream by God to return back to Ireland to preach the word using the Holy Trinity. He follows the voice to return back to Ireland to teach the people about the God he knew so well. He teaches the trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit by using the three-leaf clover or a plant of that nature. He becomes a priest and goes on to become a bishop of the Catholic church. It is said that miracles were witnessed as a  Part of his work. He was born in 386 AD in Wales and died March 17, 461 AD.  

St. Patrick