The month of May is about new beginnings

Being the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar, this month has 31 days in it.  It is now the middle of spring in the northern hemisphere and middle of autumn in the southern hemisphere.   This month was named after the Greek Goddess Maia who represents gardening and the growth of new plants.

For those of us who have lost spouses, parents, children or friends, it is a time to mourn, suffer the loss and then look ahead to say, “I have to go on.”  It is again another new beginning as we tuck our deceased loved ones into our hearts with our weary eyes focused forward.  We cannot replace the person who has died nor find another who is that person's twin.  We can only say to ourselves that “he or she went on ahead” and we will meet up again.  Now we have to go deep inside of ourselves to nurture the child in us and evolve again into the adult world to keep everything running.

In reading about military wives who get devastating news that their husband was killed in duty, I sympathize with each one.  Mothers who are pregnant with two preschool children who find out daddy was just killed overseas have to be one of the worst cases.  Of course there are many more.  

As a medium, I was never trained to be able to talk to the deceased. It was a natural gift given to me. I use it to help people realize that their loved ones are safe and in a good place.  You can know this too.
Take the fear out of death and talk to your loved one. They can hear you.