First of all, we must get some solid definitions for this complicated word;
“Intuition”. You then can determine if you are using yours. The word “Intuition” is a
noun which has these various meanings; It is a hunch and suspicion; an impression that
something is the cause. It is a quick insight which is recognized immediately without
any reasoning process of the individual. It is a belief which arrives in an individual

The word intuition is often used pertaining to the “natural instinct” of a mother
and child bond. It is the use of conscious rational processes. With all of that said. This is the question. Do you have it? Do you know that there will be a parking spot in a particular aisle when you are in the mall lot? Or how could you possibly know that there is a sale at a certain store that you did not research?

After a while, you may notice that there is a flow of good energy around you and
within yourself too. You might realize that you are a bit different than your family or
friends. I have seen fathers and daughters with a psychic connection. I was one of them.
My dad and I were always close from birth. My grandmother and I shared knowing what
mail was awaiting us in the mailbox. My mother and I did not share this connection until
we lost my father and her husband to death. In any dating situation
at a later time in life where a father has that type of connection with his adult daughter;
trouble is insight.

Also, I have seen mothers and daughters who share a connection where both
women have “Intuitive” abilities. The daughter will begin experiencing extrasensory
spiritual signs of being a “psychic”. When I talk to the mother, she too is spiritually aware
of her own gifts and may want to change her career path to include insights which she
could never afford to use in the past. For adults, it's like “coming out of the closet”
to say, “Yes, I am an intuitive and I am not afraid to say it" as she looks around the room to
see the response of her friends and family. That is what we all experience when we admit
that we are different than other people. The reality is that we were born intuitive.

So, don't fret, you will be okay. If you have faith in God, believe in yourself and
the fact that you have these 'spiritual gifts' to use; use them for the good of yourself and
others. What can be wrong with using your spiritual gifts? The answer is nothing. People
will sense you are different. You are. Find people who accept you, not reject you.

What does it mean to use your “Inner Intuition”?