I know it sounds silly for girls to think about the memories of wearing their mother’s shoes to dress up and play adult women. Really it is a sign of recognition and praise for the mom or grandmother. I remember my step daughter wearing my high heels when she was about nine years old and my daughter as well. Now, I see my almost nine year old granddaughter wearing her paternal grandmother's 3 inch scandals around their house and they actually fit her. It is the right of passage to want to be an adult.  It is a healthy sign that the child appreciates who you are and wants to be like you.

As we grow older, of course we have our own style and taste in shoes. I remember getting my first pair of white walking shoes with ties.

Oddly I remember driving with my parents to Minneapolis to get them.  I have this vivid memory of my toddler years which is unusual.  My parents talked about how necessary it was for me to have these for my first steps as a toddler. Back then, as I date myself here, I sat on my mother’s lap in the front seat of the car as we drove the one hour long journey to a city for my dad to buy them. 

As I age, now I find myself buying shoes that my mother would have worn.  They are flat and my left heel bends inward a bit on my left shoe just as hers did. Could it be that I want to be shorter than the man I am in love with? Or, is it no coincidence that this is part of the so-called “right of passage” of which I am admitting that I am aging? I think so but do not want to admit it. Regardless of your memories, this “Mother’s Day” women, relax and know that you are creating memories for your children.  Your son will choose for a wife a woman who has some of your traits and your daughter will follow her own trail of motherhood. 

Celebrate with flowers and chocolates this April 14th! 

You deserve it. 

Happy Mother's day!

When you begin to wear your mother’s shoes